Calgary Dog Training

Problems that We help with:

  • Puppies
  • Adolescence and Adults
  • Behavior Modification
  • Dog Sport Training

Trainings We Provide:

  • Online Mini-courses
  • In-person Training
  • Full Online Course
  • More Advanced Training

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5 Ways to Get Your Dog Training in Calgary

Are you wanting to learn how to train your Dog?

We designed several options that will suit your needs. The sections below show help direct you in the right place.

1. Puppy and Dog Training

2. E-Courses

3. Virtual Coaching

4. In-person Group Training

5. In-person Private Training

6. Month-to-month subscription

And as a gift for visiting our website, If You have A New Puppy,

Download our checklist and learn the 5 ways to Potty Train Your Puppy.. Our Gift to you.

If you are looking for in-person training or online courses, please see below

If you are looking for in-person training or online courses, please see below

How Safe Are You and Your Home

from Your Puppy Making Mistakes?

Introducing the Errorless Potty Training and House-Training Mini-Course

  • Learn how dogs learn and the best way to teach them
  • Improve your puppy’s natural mental and physical development
  • Create a potty and house-training system to minimize accidents and speed up results
  • And more...

The Training in this course isn’t just used in puppy training… it is used in leadership and discipline training in top professionals

How To Get More One-On-One Help

Training Your Dog in a Structured


Our Masterclass includes:

1. A Step-by-step online learning platform that will address your puppy’s destructive habits

2. A world-class learning experience for you and your dog.

3. 8 in-person training sessions with flexible scheduling

4. Access to virtual training and coaching calls

5. A private online Facebook Community that allows you to share stories and get feedback from others in the course

6. Strategic Socialization, where your puppy will be placed in an environment to enhance their manners and skills

If you want to take pride in owning the best training puppy amongst your friends and family while becoming more empowered and confident in the process...

Get Online Training from the Comfort

of Your Home

Our Gold Membership Has All the benefits of the Masterclass, without the in-person training.

  • Get the same Structured Curriculum to follow and a step-by-step plan to socialize with your puppy right from the begging
  • How to address puppies from stealing
  • How to prevent separation anxiety from developing
  • How to help them avoid destructive chewing and damaging your home
  • And more...

You can still have the interaction and feedback from the other students and the virtual training.

We designed this program to help people like you get the help they want that may not have the

flexibility to attend the in-person training.

What Our Client Says About Us

"We had no clue what to do with our new puppy and she helped us tame him. Suzanne was critical in teaching our puppy how to behave and live healthily from the beginning. My family enjoys our puppy so much more because of this. I'm sure our puppy is having a better time too!

I would highly recommend this class to anyone. I will definitely register for the next course."


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© 2022 Metropawlitan Dog Training Inc.